Faculty Job Satisfaction at the UA

University of Arkansas faculty members took part in the 2009-10 edition of Harvard University’s national study, “Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education” (COACHE), a survey examining job satisfaction among tenure-track faculty members. The University also conducted a survey in the fall of 2007 to determine faculty perceptions of the general climate on the UA campus. Although these surveys are now a few years old, they are the most recent available and contain interesting results.

In the COACHE study, the UA was compared to a group of six peer institutions. coache
UA faculty members were among the most satisfied in the category “way you spend your time as a faculty member” but were least satisfied in many other categories, including tenure practices, assistance in obtaining grants, leave and child care policies, fairness of evaluations, and compensation (cf. Executive Summary, p. 18-20). Often, female faculty were even lass satisfied than men. According to both surveys, female and minority faculty reported significant deficits concerning the institutional culture of the University and its (lack of) support for diversity.

A new COACHE survey was conducted in January 2014 and the results are expected at the end of May. We’ll report.