Academic Daylight is a blog dedicated to accountability and transparency at the University of Arkansas and Arkansas higher education in general. It will serve as a hub for publication and analysis of records of public interest. Recent events have shown that the corporate culture at the University of Arkansas is deeply hostile to the public’s demand for transparency. In the course of an unfolding crisis over financial mismanagement (triggered by a budget hole in the UA Advancement Division “discovered” in 2012), the institution had to be sued for the release of financial audit information, and subsequent investigations revealed systematic efforts to stonewall Freedom of Information requests, demands by the Chancellor to “get rid of” of budget documents, and the shredding of financial documents during an ongoing financial audit (for details see blog posts). Academic Daylight believes that the citizens and taxpayers of Arkansas have a right to full transparency, and that the institution has been, and is being, damaged by efforts to sweep embarrassing information under the rug.

This blog is not affiliated with any organization, political or otherwise, and does not receive any funding, private or public. Academic Daylight is not affiliated with the University of Arkansas. The blog can be reached by email at uark.transparency@gmail.com. You can also leave comments (with or without contact details). Academic Daylight will respect and (to the extent possible) protect the confidentiality of anybody who contacts us.


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